There’s a shelter when I get home.

by abbibauer

Britt Skrabanek

Lindsey, a very amazing friend of mine (hey, sweet love), shared this fantastic video on Facebook today. And I almost didn’t watch it, because I was scanning my feed after a long day at work, my eyes half-open, my brain half-fried.

But, she said something that made me change my mind: “If you do nothing else today, watch this.”

Although this came out in 2010, I had never heard of Storycorps’ “Danny and Annie” before. I have to say that Lindsey was spot on, and as those close to our hearts always seem to know, I needed to watch this today.

I don’t usually have bad days. I consider myself a joyful person the majority of the time.

Today was different. I was kind of in a funk, consumed by self-doubt, pesky worries, and just plain disheartened after a long week of grinding and juggling.

Yet at the end of…

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